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IV  Infusion Therapy 

15 different recipes to choose from, rehydrate after a hangover or treat a medical condition (glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, headaches, fatigue etc.).

Acute Infection/Viral

Did you know antibiotics can't help if you have a virus like Epstein Barr, rhinovirus and herpes? But this IV may help relieve some of the symptoms that may come along with these viruses


Energy Rejuvenate

This IV will help rejuvenate you and give the energy you need to get through the next day, week, and month



This IV is for hydration purposes to help you recover from illness or dehydration


Memory Loss

This IV is formulated with special ingredients to help with memory Issues


Myers Cocktail

Good old-fashioned mix of selected vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that treat a wide range of clinical conditions


Add on: Glutathione

Enhances immune function, reduced inflammation​, detoxification of harmful substances from the body, reduction in body fat



Hydration combined with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids help replenish dry skin, nails and hair


Fitness Muscle Fatigue

Replenish vitamins, minerals and electrolytes lost during physical activities. It will quickly re-hydrate your body on a cellular level aiding in muscle rebound and facilitate a faster recovery



Saturate your body on a cellular level to help you combat all those unhealthy and contagious germs



If you are on a diet plateau this IV might just be the push you need


Stress Relief

This IV will relax you and give you an overall sense of calm with the ability to handle situations with a clearer mind


Add on: NAD

Activates the substances within the body called enzymes that help prevent and repair DNA damage. NAD IV treatment has been used as an adjunct for the treatment of autoimmune conditions like arthritis, and fibromyalgia to correct DNA damage and manage pain from these conditions


Chronic Pain

This IV will help ease the pain of a chronic ache or old injury. Feel less pain and more mobile after this treatment



The ultimate cure for when you over indulge and just don't feel like yourself the next day



This IV is formulated with a special combination of vitamins and minerals which reduce the disease progression, increase healthy pigments and support cell structure


Migraine Relief

Get acute migraine relief with a custom infusion of fluids, vitamins, and medications


Wound Healing

An IV created specially to help you heal faster with vitamins, minerals and amino acids which will circulate directly to your wounds


Add on: Zofran

Helps prevent or relieve nausea



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